About the Pouch

The Joey Pouch™ is a small, soft pouch designed to comfortably hold the lumens of a central venous catheter so that the patient can be more comfortable in his or her daily activities or while sleeping. The pouch adjusts easily around the neck, can be worn next to the chest and under the clothing. Each Joey Pouch™ is made with love and dedicated to my brother Joey.

Product Details:

  • Price: $15 (additional discount for bulk orders).
  • Custom designed holder to protect a Hickman catheter, Jackson-Pratt (JP) drain, NeoStar and more.
  • Made of a soft white hypoallergenic fabric.
  • Includes an adjustable neck strap as well as a safety release.
  • Fastens shut with a Velcro closure.
  • Hand wash in cold water, use mild soap and dry flat.

Available in different printsclip

Thanks to my friend Steve who is demostrating how the Joey Pouch works with his NeoStar.

Additional Uses

A surgical drain is a sytem of tubing and a collection device to remove fluid or air from your wound following a surgical procedure. One of the most popular drains is called the Jackson-Pratt (JP) drain.

The system is used in surgeries related to chest (due to breast cancer), lungs and abdomen and has the potential to be kept even several days or weeks until the accumulation of fluids are minimal as the risk of infection is minimal.

NeoStar (Apheresis catheter)

Surgery Post-Op Drain